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Executive Summary

We are a not for Profit Concern and are in the process of application for our IRS letter of Determination, and thus will not claim status until we have achieved our letter.

Company Synopsis

Founded by leaders in medicine, education and technology, Bridge Technologies Foundation Inc. (Bridge) was formed to recruit and educate technicians for placement into operating rooms and related hospital/clinic environments. The company paradigm includes an integrated manpower registry that provides career management at the individual level and resource scheduling management for the medical-facilities clients. Creation of a comprehensive informational database and full web-access integration, across the full program platform, will provide unprecedented levels of user information, competency assessment, quality control and end-user efficiency. Ultimately, the Bridge system will create higher levels of hospital care, reduce errors and lower operating costs for hospitals and clinics.

Bridge’s primary goal is to facilitate a reduction of preventable medical errors (PME’s) in hospitals and clinics across the country. A significant percentage of current PME’s are a result of insufficient training on the ever expanding array of advanced medical devices and equipment currently in use in hospitals and clinics. Spiraling insurance premiums, legal costs and tightening requirement from accreditation agencies, as well as the ongoing shortage of accredited technicians, have created a significant opportunity for the Bridge program.

Company Program

Bridge Institute: Education

The Bridge Institute has created and tested unique perpetual educational and competency measurement materials for Nursing,Technicians who are responsible for the operation of allhigh-tech equipment in the operating room and health care. This includes anesthesia andperi-operative technicians (pre-operative, operative, post-operative as well as bio-medicaltechnical support). In addition, materials are under development for areas such as data-recovery. This education will take place in classroom settings, clinical sites at hospitals and web-based virtual classrooms, allowing for 24 hour access. Course content will range from entry-level to advanced.

Bridge founders, over a period of ten years, and at considerable expense, have completed a standardized education program for certification with the ASATT (American Society of Anesthesia Technicians & Technologist). These copyrighted materials are extensive and represent thousands of hours of research and compilation. Currently, Bridge goal is to be allocated the preferred program to teach and develop and reinvigorate the program for CNASATT (California Nevada Association for Anesthesia Technicians and Technologists). The first program was conducted at Skyline College in Northern California. Bridge will conduct interactive distance education and intends to archive these classes for use Virtual Web classrooms. Hands-on training and onsite competency evaluation and ongoing CEU (continuing education units) classes will be available for anesthesia technicians.

Bridge HR Registry

The basis of the Registry will be an available pool of trained and certified technicians and professionals available to hospitals and clinics. Addressing the currently expanding trend of outsourcing for hospital services, Bridge will provide the qualified staffing that is required, on a flexible basis, thus reducing both the liabilities and costs for the facilities. Bridge will offer a complete anesthesia support package including, onsite supervision, schedule-relevant flexible staffing and ongoing C.E.U.’s for relevant staff. All of this will be performed on fully integrated web-based software, providing flexible, proficiency management/certification, interactive on-line manpower scheduling for each work-center. Students as well as certified technicians will build electronic resumes as they acquire training, while online systems track their experience and competencies at the point of care.

Bridge Solutions: Bridge Solutions Think-tank and Communication Portal.

A membership driven site designed to allow members to have input and participate in the development, direction, and objectives of the Bridge Institute and Technologies. Bridge solutions will also house the information and solution site for Member Driven activities. Inclusive of links to help to evolve the healthcare industry into the next Generation of healthcare paradigms. Finding solution, creating viable pathways and implementing those solutions for greater participation, understanding and proficiency in healthcare today.

Bridge Technologies

Technologies focuses on current as well and helping to develop the next Generation of Technical Support Technology Providing integrated access to Systems that while decreasing cost, increase proficiency, compliance, and continued educational development.

Leasing State of the art, emergent response, regional block, anesthesia support, and airway management Systems.

The leader in innovative teaching and communication network building.

Future Development

The Bridge Education and HRRegistry programs will be the primary focus of the company for the first two or more years of operation; however, the technical expertise of the Bridge staff, the established relationships with hospitals/clinics and the continued focus of the industry on reducing PME’s allows for some logical areas of expansion in the peri-operative area. Just several of these are.

1.Professional Nursing Courses

2.Equipment calibration & life-cycle management.

3.Materials management.

4.Interactive FDA alert and policy at POC

5.Emergency Algorithms and interaction access

6.Distance learning initiatives

7.Bio-Medical Apprentice Programs

8.Anes./Biomed POC Testing Education

9.EHR/EMR IT Education

10.Ancillary Device Integration Program

11.ICD 10 Coding test preparation

12.Airway Management Support Solutions

13.Regional Anesthesia Support Solutions

14.Emergency Response Solutions

15.Global Implementation of the Bridge System

The interactive software platform will allow for ready integration of these programs.

The primary course work for nursing and technical support have been added to and are under development are Bridge Wealth and Prosperity, Bridge Human Potential (Alternative Health care and mind body medicine), and Bridge for Veterans.

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